arTree is part of the Art Walk!


arTree is proud to be part of the Mill Creek Town Center Art Walk.We will be at the “Color Me Mine” in July, August and September with activities and art projects for your little ones who may be be getting tired and less cooperative. We are sure to recharge them for you! Stop by and say hello.

And even though we will not be there in June yet – we hope you will come and visit the Art Walk as well, there are going to be some wonderful artists and musicians!

BTW: Do you know artists who would like to showcase their art? Let us know! We will see you in July, August and September! Cannot wait. Either email me at or contact the Art Walk directly at

PS: and yes, we’ve done the graphics on this one 🙂


Capture your rainbow

There are many ways one can bring art outside… and this is one of my (and my son’s) favorites.

So, what do you do? Just cut out the color stripes on this page (you can also paint them yourself or use the swatches they have at your local home improvement store)…


Then glue them onto an old CD. When you’re done, put the fabulous color wheel on a string… Now, your little artist can wear it around her neck and look for all the colors on her walk. To bring the memories home and make it more fun for the kids, grab your camera and take a picture, just like this… have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather (if it is as sunny as it is here).