FREE tile decorating event


Join us for FREE tile decorating during the Mill Creek ART Walk on July 11th from 5 to 8 pm.

Your kids will learn about Henri Matisse and decorate a tile (and a bookmark) just like he would. They can use templates or their imagination and the project is suitable for kids of all ages (even though preschoolers may need a little bit of help).

And while your kids are busy you can be the first to see samples of arTree’s new magazine – ready for the school year 2013.

Matisse & Tile Cut-outs


Today was tile-painting time at arTree! We are going to be part of Art Walk in Mill Creek on July 11th (5-8 pm). Our location – Color Me Mine ceramics. Our project – Henri Matisse and his cutouts. We will have a paper bookmark project as well as tile-decorating project. We have 8 different templates based on Matisse’s paintings that kids can trace on tiles and color with bright paints – for FREE.  Every child that stops by at the Color Me Mine can bring home a bookmark, a beautiful tile (plus a discount for future projects) and a will have a chance to see first preview of the arTree digital magazine.

Want to make these tiles even though you do not live in Seattle area? No problem, print these out and bring them to your local ceramics place – or create your own templates and have fun!

tile_01 tile_02 tile_03 tile_04

PS: For the snail, I cut up a dish-washing sponge. That way even a preschooler can create a Matisse-like artwork… just draw/trace the snail, have your child stamp the shell and then go over the snail with a black paint. Simple.