Easter Art, Craft and Science Ideas


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Happy Easter, everybody!

Have you decorated you eggs yet or are you, like our family, suddenly realizing your weekend is going to be busier than you thought?! In case you are still looking for some quick and fun ideas to spice up your holidays, you’ve come to the right place. These are some of our favorite Easter ideas from the previous years that we are planning to bring back to life on Saturday! Hope you can join us.


These easy salt-and-watercolors eggs make a great Easter garland or wreath. You can also make flowers or butterflies like this. Easy, fun and kids love it. Here’s how to do it.


See how you do this. You can either use a crayon to draw on a hot hard-boiled egg and watch it melt. Or you can shred the crayon, color your egg and roll it in the shredded wax before the egg cools down too much.


I love Pisanky! And this melted-crayon above the muffin tin is as close as you can get with small kids. You still needs to be careful but it is not that difficult technique to masker. Here’s how to do it – and remember, you can always color the egg before or after you are done.


And one more idea: the ultimate Easter science project: the naked egg! See how you can make it in just a couple of days. Just make sure you make more than one because the kids will love it and will be devastated it is breaks… (at least mine were).

Happy spring (art idea)!


Happy spring everybody! Let’s welcome the sunshine, the flowers and the ladybugs…  in our garden and our homes (even though that may be only on the paper). I wanted to share the picture our family did. We decided to do a simple collage – with grass cut out of different shades of green paper and red ovals for ladybugs. Then we added details with markers… and – done. Suddenly it feels like the winter is truly over.

Btw, did you know that in 1999, NASA sent ladybugs and aphids up in the space shuttle? Why? On Earth, ladybugs climb a stalk to capture aphids and aphids will try to escape by falling off the stalk. Scientists wanted to know what would happen without the aid of gravity. So, four ladybugs and couple of aphids were sent into space – and only the ladybugs returned… after all space IS a dangerous place. More here.

Spring into Spring


Spring is beginning in a couple of days and we are less than two weeks away from Easter. How did this happen? Well, at any rate… it is high time to start planning the EGG-citing art projects for this month that bring some spring into your homes… I put together a lot of great projects and egg-decorating ideas (that I tried or have on my try-this-year-for-sure list) and I hope you’re going to enjoy them as much as we do. Click here to see them all.