Sketching at the ZOO


My kids always love to go to the zoo, especially since we found one that has sharks! My son usually sits in front of the glass and watches them swim for a long time… and then he draws them at home. Ever since he was three, he was obsessed with ocean creatures (especially these).

This time, we took some pencils and papers with us–to try to sketch the animals as we were observing them. It was quite fun (and challenge). The sharks kept swimming wherever they wanted and it was difficult for him to keep up with them. But he figured it out pretty soon. We observed them together and talked about what we see–shape and number of fins, shape of the tail, size, etc. He loved it.

Then we went outside to look at other animals and drew more of them (camels, armadillo, sting ray, fox)… and then it got out of control. He decided that the best thing would be to fill the remaining space with other things we saw (like bubbles and ice cream) and of course, animals he would love to see here as well–from mountain goats to shooting dinosaurs. After all, he’s five.