Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day, everybody!

Sometimes the simplest things are the best, like these toilet paper rolls by my Little Artists (inspired by Wassily Kandinsky).


I gave the 3-year-olds some paint (primary colors and black), watercolor paper, paper rolls and 20 minutes. The amazing pictures above are the results. I love how different they are. Some kids kept it very neat and clean, others made a messy, overlapping art and one boy even used the paper roll to color all of the circles.

And the best part? Sometimes the tempera paint made a huge bubble and it popped on the artwork. The kids love that! I mean, who wouldn’t, right?!

Hundertwasser’s House in a Bottle


If you have any leftover glass bottles lying around in your house, it’s time to change them into art! How do you do it? Use masking tape to cover the “windows” and spray paint the bottle. Then color the space around windows just like Friedensreich Hundertwasser would have wanted you to… and use a sharpie to add the vase a spark. Once you take off the masking tape, your vase/house is ready. It’s recycled, colorful and it brings you closer to nature.

If you want to see visual step-by-step directions and more Hundertwasser-inspired projects, check out September issue of the arTree magazine!

Celebrate 4th of July with Nevelson!

Happy 4th of July! And in case you want to spend your holidays doing an art projects, we have an idea for you:


Louise Nevelson ( 1899 – 1988) was an American sculptor known for her big, monochromatic (one-colored), puzzle-like wooden sculptures.


She liked to collect interesting objects and finding new ways to use them. When her studio became too crowded, she started stuffing the objects in gift boxes and realized that by doing that, she made a sculpture. Learn more about her and her amazing work here.

Blooming CDs


Do you have a pile of used CDs that are completely useless? Great!

Take them aside and paint over the shiny part of the CDs with black paint. Once it is dry (allow a couple of hours so that it is completely dry otherwise it will not work well), use sticks to scratch out beautiful flowers. The great thing is, the colors will look wonderful in the sun and it is SO easy even a 2-year-old will love to do this.

Then cut out several circles out of construction paper. Cut holes in the middle and attach them with a split pin. If you make more flowers, you can use the split pin to attach them all to a big piece of paper along with other flowers… maybe onto different colored construction paper – Kandinsky-circle style.

This is a fun rainy-afternoon project as well as a fun O’Keefe activity for preschoolers. It teaches about recycling, positive and negative space… and if you work as a group, it teaches about collaboration.