Art of the Ancient Greece

The little artists visited Ancient Greece last week. It was one of my favorite lessons, especially because the kids found the materials so engaging they did not want to finish working. It was really nice seeing 3/4-year-olds working on the same project for 30 minutes and not wanting to move on.


We did mosaics with colorful rectangles of paper. Then we used sharpies to decorate the little plates you put underneath flower pots – and called it: pottery decoration. This was the most engaging part. Kids were so careful not to break them and felt so grown-up adding patterns and designs to the plate, its side and its bottom…

The kids who actually did finish built temples from wooden blocks and took a part in our mini-Olympic games. Next time: Asia.

Seurat’s secondary boats

This morning the preschoolers explored mixing of the colors. We learned that red and yellow make orange, blue and yellow make green and red and blue make purple. We read “Mouse Paint” and discussed all the primary and secondary colors. Easy.

Then we conducted a super cool (and super secret) experiment with magic wands and protein molecules.

As for our painting today, we explored pointillism and used only primary colors. We created a color wheel and added our own sailboat with secondary-color sails.


Kids had a blast and did not want o leave the classroom today. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, right?!