Art Gifts for Mother’s Day


Need help finding the best mother’s day gift? Check out these ideas for hand-made original and fun things – from pendants to lava lamp, from pencil holders to plaster sculptures… there’s something for every mom. Click here and get started.


Mother’s Day Art Ideas


True, there is still 24 days till Mother’s day – and that’s good. It leaves three weeks to look for inspiration for the best gift possible… we’ve put together a Pinterest board with some of our favorites. From watercolor pictures to acrylics, from egg cartons to clay – there is something for every age (and every mom). Take a look around and get creative.

Pins of Ideas


There is only so much one can squeeze into a magazine, even though it has over 30 pages. There is always more ideas out there and it would be a shame to ignore them. It only makes sense to me to share these with you too.

That’s why ArTree has a Pinterest page filled with amazing art projects. There are two boards for every issue of the magazine – one with more art projects, games and ideas that go well with the topic at hand (color, in this case) and one with featured artists – their profiles, portraits and paintings.

We are also collecting more famous paintings, art projects, art activities and techniques for kids. So, whenever you feel the need for art – check it out and let us know what you think.