Make personalized jewlery with Brynn


Brynn is a unique jewelry artist from Seattle, WA.  She creates pendants and bracelets that tell a story of anyone who wears them.

And now, we have created a project inspired by her work – so that you can create your personalized jewelry as well. You just need thin wire, scissors, flat wooden shapes (or jewelry pieces), glue and the fun items you want to keep close to you.

You can make pendants with your favortie candy wrapper, Christmas wrapping paper and a pine needle from the tree, your favorite flower or pieces of your favortie (though now broken) toy, piece of your baby blanket or your favorite button… whatever you want (as long as it is not too huge and is kind-a flat).

This is how the process looks like:


And that’s it.

If you would like to see more detailed instructions, send an email to (or click here) and read all about it (and Brynn) in the preview issue of the magazine!

And don’t forget to send us your creations! On September 30th we will choose a winner of the jewelry-making kit! You just have to create a project inspired by the Klimt issue of arTree, send us a picture at (or click here to find the link) and you can be a winner too!