Happy spring (art idea)!


Happy spring everybody! Let’s welcome the sunshine, the flowers and the ladybugs…  in our garden and our homes (even though that may be only on the paper). I wanted to share the picture our family did. We decided to do a simple collage – with grass cut out of different shades of green paper and red ovals for ladybugs. Then we added details with markers… and – done. Suddenly it feels like the winter is truly over.

Btw, did you know that in 1999, NASA sent ladybugs and aphids up in the space shuttle? Why? On Earth, ladybugs climb a stalk to capture aphids and aphids will try to escape by falling off the stalk. Scientists wanted to know what would happen without the aid of gravity. So, four ladybugs and couple of aphids were sent into space – and only the ladybugs returned… after all space IS a dangerous place. More here.