Klee, shapes and potatoes

Paul Klee has been one of my favorite artists since I was eight. I loved his simple shapes, colors and the small black lines he used to draw in some of the tiny details. I was so jealous that our friend had Klee’s painting in her living room that I decided to do one as well. This is basically what I did (even though these pictures were created many years later the technique remained the same :))


Simple right? Did you know that Paul Klee painted over 9,000 paintings during his life? Some were very simple and pretty small, others were much more complicated and huge. Some of his paintings were very colorful, others mostly colorless… (you can see them here) but the ones he is most famous for are those composed out of simple shapes, like this one.


Do your kids like coloring books? Click on this image to download a .pdf coloring sheet based on one of Klee’s famous paintings and see how different it looks every time you color it. Does it look “better” with warm colors or cold ones? What if you combine them? Or not?