Quill and ink birds


Handmade quills dipped in ink. There beautiful birds were made by students from Lake Stevens and inspired by arTree’s February issue dedicated to Charley Harper and birds. The kids looked for simple ways to capture the birds – the least amount of elements that still made the bird recognizable: minimal realism. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Medieval Castle & Feathers


My kids (as probably any other preschoolers) love going to the farm and picking up feathers. We have quite a collection at home. We have already made headbands and collages out of them. Now it was time to try drawing with them.


And what other thing to draw than a Medieval castle? I showed them pictures of a lot of castles and family crests and talked to them about the way feathers used to be used instead of pencils. Then we got ink out (in small containers with a lid in which I made a small hole for the feather) – and I am proud to say there we NO spills! Then they each chose their favorite feather and I cut its tip (45 degrees).

They folded a paper and drew half of the castle. Then cut it out, opened it and learned about symmetry.

We glued those castles onto black paper and started decorated it with the feathers and ink. The loved it! And my son even added a dragon – he insisted that every castle needs one. I agree.