Art through the Summer


Summer is here! And with that there is a lot of free time, sunshine and lazy afternoons ahead. If you are looking for some art ideas, fun summer games or just something to keep kids busy for one afternoon, check out our summer pinterest board. We found so many ideas they should last you through the summer!

Mother’s Day Art Ideas


True, there is still 24 days till Mother’s day – and that’s good. It leaves three weeks to look for inspiration for the best gift possible… we’ve put together a Pinterest board with some of our favorites. From watercolor pictures to acrylics, from egg cartons to clay – there is something for every age (and every mom). Take a look around and get creative.

30-pages of Art Projects for Download

The first copy of newsletter is out along with a link for a free download of the “first issue” of arTree. 

These are just some ideas from the 30-page-long magazine/lesson plan. You will find projects inspired by Mondrian, Seurat, Monet, and Matisse… games and activities, ways to make your own watercolors and much more. you can download it for free here.

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color_ projects

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Have fun and stay creative!