Picasso Monsters

Happy Halloween!

We have decided to try the Picasso-inspired monsters project this year. I saw the idea flying around Pinterest a long time ago and waited for the right moment – now it’s here!


These amazing monsters, ghouls and witches were created by first graders (with no help at all).

I put together a short presentation, if anybody wants to use it. It is one spooky lesson about Pablo Picasso, organic and geometric shapes and faces. Here is the link:


It was really a fun lesson and kids were so proud of their creations. They loved seeing what others came up with… from witches, cyclops and scary pirates and zombies to Egyptians, from teeth with cavities to eye patches and curly tongues… and from short hair to horns and loooong and pointy witches hats.

Monster-making workshop!


Halloween is getting closer so it was a time for the monster-making workshop! It was a lot of fun! We created so many monsters that I cannot even list them all here… we use purple watercolors and straws to create purple people eaters, eyes, noses and mouths from magazines to create collages of you spooky monsters, we made monster puppets and cookies.

We also played some games. We carried big, fat spiders on the spoons, we threw flies into the (masking tape) spider web and we used balloons and static electricity to make our tissue-paper ghosts fly! We danced and snacked, listened to a story… and all of that in hour and a half. I would just like to know if the kids were as tired as me! Probably not!

Alexander Calder’s Nose Monsters


Alexander Calder invented more than mobiles – he invented nose monsters! 

We made those with the Little Artists as well and they loved them! We Just took a paper rectangle (with a little hole in the middle) and drew eyes and mouth. There was no need to draw the nose because that was going to be their real one! I even brought a mirror for them to see how spooky or funny they looked.

Now we are ready for Halloween!

Halloween night-lights!


Halloween is still a month away but ever since we found this project on Pinterest, we wanted to try it. And since the spooky holiday is now officially only 30 days away – here it is.


You need an artificial tea light (we got 6 for $2.50 at Walmart), some Ping-Pong/soft golf balls, a knife and some sharpies. It is super easy. Just cut a little X on the ball and put it onto the tea light. Then let your kids decorate it as they want to. Sharpies work best. We also used some googly eyes with glue to make the monsters super scary.

image light01

My kids LOVED the project and took their creations to their rooms as night lights. The battery will probably not last that long… but luckily we have a lot of extras and the balls are easily exchangeable.