Daniel Maher’s Recycled Windows


Did you know you can take old glasses and turn them into these stunning windows?

We were very excited when we found Daniel. He is the perfect match for our September issue of the magazine, dedicated to Marc Chagall and Dreams.

So who is he? Daniel is a unique stained-glass artist. He restores old windows and creates new ones. He also recycles old glass plates, bottles and bowls into amazing windows. He puts together everything he finds: pictures of grapes from serving plates and a glass from Mr. Peanut jars or ‘little pig went to a market’ plaque, corn serving plates and a corn mash. He uses objects with history to tell stories with his art. Some are more abstract (capturing emotions) and some more narrative (telling real stories) but all of them are quite fascinating.

And how does he do it? Here’s a little preview:


Bohemia Crystal (glass bowls for preschoolers)


What is Bohemia Crystal? It is a decorative glass produced in the Czech Republic since the 13th century. The hand cut crystal appears comes in any forms and sizes – vases, wine and champagne glasses, plates, fruit bowls and decanters… and it is gorgeous.

For our project this week we decided to “fake” this look on a fruit bowl. We bought clear plastic flower pots (for less than a dollar each) and painted the outside with white acrylic paint. I showed the kids the pattern found on the real glass bowls – we talked about the patterns and how it can be created. Then I gave them a small brush that enabled them to paint the details without frustration… they had a blast.

This project is simple and good for practicing fine motor skills and patterns. Plus, you learn about a different country and have a bowl or serving plate or cup at the end.