New ART magazine is here!


arTree magazine is here and we are thrilled to share the first issue with you.


Just send an email to and you will receive the first issue for your kids – for FREE. Learn about Gustav Klimt, choose an art project you want to try, make your own jewelry, research your family history and more. Have fun and get creative.


When your kids create something you would like to share with us, please do. We would love to see it, upload it to our gallery and share it with other budding artists. Plus, if you send us an artwork inspired by our issue by September 30th you will have a chance to win a jewelry-making kit (nu purchase/subscription necessary).


Want to receive a magazine like this every month? Consider subscribing. For $15 you will get 12 issues of the magazine–that is over 40 art projects and 40 activities for you and your kids. Your kids will discover several unique modern artists from Synthia Saint James (designer of the first Kwanzaa stamp) to Kseniya Simonova (sand artist and a winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent). They will learn about the famous artists: Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Harper, Hundertwasser, Oldenburg and more. They will paint, draw and sculpt. They will learn about architecture, theory of colors, and printing techniques. Each month it will be one art adventure after another. They will sharpen their skills, explore and push their creativity and have a chance to win an art prize for their creations.

Want to bring arTree magazine to your school?

We can work with your PTA to offer the magazine to all students at your school. We strive to make the price low and we can work with your school and help with their fundraising needs. Contact us at to learn more.

30-pages of Art Projects for Download

The first copy of newsletter is out along with a link for a free download of the “first issue” of arTree. 

These are just some ideas from the 30-page-long magazine/lesson plan. You will find projects inspired by Mondrian, Seurat, Monet, and Matisse… games and activities, ways to make your own watercolors and much more. you can download it for free here.

And please, if you have a minute, rate arTree… it’s most appreciated!

color_ projects

You can view the newsletter here.  And if you would like to subscribe, please do so on this page.

Have fun and stay creative!

Free preview of a new art magazine for kids


Today, arTree came bearing gifts: a little preview of the magazine. This is the link to a .pdf with the Seurat project.  There, you will find information about secondary colors and tutorial to do a little cut-out experiment to see the mixing of the colors in action. Then arTree introduces George Seurat and pointillism and a simple and fun art project with great results. Have fun, and if your kids create a picture you want to share, please do.  We’d love to share it in our Pinterest gallery and on our Facebook page.

Also, we are thrilled to announce that arTree has been featured in Red Tricycle and in local newspaper.

So, please help us spread the word and share the preview of the magazine if you wish.

PS: If you haven’t done so, message us on Facebook and we will send you another preview with more projects – about line and shape (op art, tangrams and much more)… to get your kids busy before the first issue lands in their hands.

If you like it, spread the word, share it with your friends & check out our Kickstarter campaign. Help us spread the creativity. Thank you.