3-26 Easter Eggs-travaganza, day 6: Pisanky for Preschoolers


Pisanky are Ukrainian Easter eggs that are done with bee-wax and a special tool. The wax is melted and then it is applied onto a white egg. Then you color the egg, add more wax, color again… until you achieve the right effect. After that you take the egg close to fire and melt the wax away to reveal the colorful lines underneath. I have always love it and wanted to share it with my kids… so this is a simplified version.

Take a muffin tin and put small candles inside. Put a wire mash or grid onto it – that’s your oven. Then, take couple of the metal containers for the candles and put wax crayons inside. Let them melt (but be careful not to burn them).

For your drawing tool, just take a pencil and stick a sewing pin in it. Now, you are all set. If you want to try it too, there is some inspiration (I used to do these… before kids):


Easter Eggs-travaganza, day1: Egg in Black


It’s just 10 days until Easter. That said, let me kick-off the Easter Eggs-travaganza 2013! Every day from today until Easter, I’ll post egg decorating ideas and techniques you can try – from real eggs to paper ones, from watercolors to wax. Stay tuned and eggsiting enjoy the ride (I promise I’ll stop with the puns).

Today is a simple black and white art – you just need paper and a sharpie. Let your child divide the egg into couple of parts and fill each of them with a pattern. Show them different patterns beforehand – lines, dots, swirls, spirals, etc.

When they done, you can cut it out and glue it onto a black/dark colored piece of paper to help it really stand out.

(These were created by 5 and 2 year olds)