Bohemia Crystal (glass bowls for preschoolers)


What is Bohemia Crystal? It is a decorative glass produced in the Czech Republic since the 13th century. The hand cut crystal appears comes in any forms and sizes – vases, wine and champagne glasses, plates, fruit bowls and decanters… and it is gorgeous.

For our project this week we decided to “fake” this look on a fruit bowl. We bought clear plastic flower pots (for less than a dollar each) and painted the outside with white acrylic paint. I showed the kids the pattern found on the real glass bowls – we talked about the patterns and how it can be created. Then I gave them a small brush that enabled them to paint the details without frustration… they had a blast.

This project is simple and good for practicing fine motor skills and patterns. Plus, you learn about a different country and have a bowl or serving plate or cup at the end.