Creativity in a Digital World

Kids always want more screen time: games or movies – it does not really matter what it is. All the computers, portable games, tablets and smartphones make it easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you are five.

My son came up with a solution:

photo 3 photo 4

Because he screen time was over, he decided to create his own computer: a little notebook with a mouse, keyboard and a zombie vs. plant game… one, that he will never have to turn off. He designed it himself, along with the mouse and the handles. He spent a lot of time deciding what features the computer needs, what buttons are necessary, what part of the game he wants and which ones he can skip, how many keys he needs for the alphabet (he did not count them, he was saying his alphabet as he was drawing the keys – which I think is a great way of keeping track and I’d recommend it to everyone).

Once he was done, he was proudly taking his notebook everywhere, explaining how it works and what it does. And the best part? It never runs out of batteries.

PS: Of course his little sister needed one too – so I was able to create a notebook as well! 🙂

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