Texture and Little Artists

Little Artists explored texture this week. We have learned about Claes Oldenburg and his funny sculptures. From fuzzy Popsicle to the ice cream cone on top of a building (he is always a super easy sell to the kids, no matter how old they are).


Then we explored different textures and created a mixed media collage of a burger. Kids loved to cut and glue all the different materials onto their super-tall burger! I pre-cut the pieces to make it easier for the kids. We had papers with punched holes for cheese, green plastic bags for lettuce, red streamer for ketchup, foil for fish… a lot of stuff for everybody!


After that we started working on one more project: cake candle holder. I love engaging kids with clay. It is very different that play dough and I believe it is important for them to be able to explore that difference. They pinched it, rolled it, squeezed it and when it resembled a shape they wanted, they added small details with a stick and stuck a candle in the middle. When the creations dry in a couple of days, they will paint it.

If you would like to learn more about Oldenburg, clay cakes, paper food and much more food-related fun – check out October’s issue of arTree.

Food, food and food!


October issue of arTree magazine is here! And it will make you really hungry!

We will explore food and sculpture with Claes Oldenburg. There will be huge donuts and tiny clay fish, paper hamburgers and clay ones. We will conduct science experiments and play with our food. There is something for everybody, and then some. Plus, this issue has 20% more pages and art projects!

Want to start?


You can buy just this one issue and give it a try. If you enjoy it and want to subscribe, let us know and we will offer a discounted rate $8 instead of $9.99).

Fire at the Beach


Are there kids that don’t love beach-combing? Mine certainly love it. They love picking up rocks and shells and everything else they can get their hands on… and they love bringing this stuff home. Now, we do have a little nature museum, we do have a little treasure chest and we do use some bigger pieces for our pretend-ocean play… but what to do with the little broken pieces we got? We decided to make a little candle holder and I must say it was a very rewarding experience for all.

You just need clay, tea candle and some shells/rocks. Make a little ball out of the shell and push the tea candle in the middle of it. Then decorate with the shells and rocks – pushing them inside (a lot) and you are done. Simple! This candle holder was done by my daughter when she was 1.5 years old.

Tip: once the clay dries, some shells may fall off – just slide them back in or us a little bit of glue.