Art Elements with Kids: Line


In these 7 weeks, we will be discovering Art Elements: line, shape, texture, space, color, value and form.

The first one was Line. We have talked about the right definition and then looked for different kinds of lines: straight, wiggly, curly, thin, thick… then we did a little exercise: how many different kinds of lines can the kids create in under one minute? The record? 20! I was very much impressed.

We have also looked at famous artists and how they used line: Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso and Bridget Riley. The kids especially loved the light painting by Picasso and took a hundred guesses how he did it.


Then we used the different kinds of lines we talked about to create our crazy hair (or beard) people. Kids really got into it. Some of them spent over 30 minutes to make their hair perfect, others made 5 drawings in that time – but they were all excited!

When they were done, we did another short project: an op art bookmark. Over the holidays I scored these amazing scrapbook papers with lines on them (the 25 sheets were for 50 cents so I have a lot of them now) and I thought they would work great for this lesson, and they did. Just a little sample of what we did:


That was it. We hardly had any time left for cleanup. Next week: shape!

Birds Nesting on a Plate


Just the other day we saw a huge nest up in a tree on our way for lunch and kids thought that it is the best thing ever. At home, they still talked about it, so we decided to make one as well. We collected things for the nest (from shredded paper to feathers) and glued them on half of a paper plate. Then we colored the background of the top part, cut out a bird (and some eggs) out of a colored paper and glued it onto the nest. For my 2-year-old I cut out basic shapes for the bird and she put it together herself – that’s why the bird has an eye on its tummy as well.

When they were done they wanted to decorate it even more and used markers and tiny stamps to make a border around the birds.

It was a very fun collage project and we got to talk about birds, nest, spring and much more while working. I have to keep this one to see how the birds (or the kids’ interpretations of them) change over the years.