Art Elements: Color

Color – the art element of art that is produced when light, striking an object, is reflected back to the eye. There are many ways one can look at color and we did – we explored a color wheel and talked about primary, secondary and complimentary colors. But our main focus was simple – warm and cold colors. We talked about the emotions behind them, explored  colors in works of Van Gogh, Klee and Rothko and then used oil pastels to create these amazing toucans.


We used photos of toucans as our guides, sketched them with a pencil and then filled the whole page with oil pastels. Warm (orange, yellow and red) for the beak, cold (blues and greens) for the background and black and white for the body. When we were done, we outlined the toucans with a black oil pastel to make the toucan really pop! Aren’t they amazing?

As our filler activity we used Progresso (woodless color pencils) to color Matisse-inspired drawing – with half warm and half cold colors (to really see the difference the color makes). This is the template and the original Matisse’s work.



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