Make personalized jewlery with Brynn


Brynn is a unique jewelry artist from Seattle, WA.  She creates pendants and bracelets that tell a story of anyone who wears them.

And now, we have created a project inspired by her work – so that you can create your personalized jewelry as well. You just need thin wire, scissors, flat wooden shapes (or jewelry pieces), glue and the fun items you want to keep close to you.

You can make pendants with your favortie candy wrapper, Christmas wrapping paper and a pine needle from the tree, your favorite flower or pieces of your favortie (though now broken) toy, piece of your baby blanket or your favorite button… whatever you want (as long as it is not too huge and is kind-a flat).

This is how the process looks like:


And that’s it.

If you would like to see more detailed instructions, send an email to (or click here) and read all about it (and Brynn) in the preview issue of the magazine!

And don’t forget to send us your creations! On September 30th we will choose a winner of the jewelry-making kit! You just have to create a project inspired by the Klimt issue of arTree, send us a picture at (or click here to find the link) and you can be a winner too!

New ART magazine is here!


arTree magazine is here and we are thrilled to share the first issue with you.


Just send an email to and you will receive the first issue for your kids – for FREE. Learn about Gustav Klimt, choose an art project you want to try, make your own jewelry, research your family history and more. Have fun and get creative.


When your kids create something you would like to share with us, please do. We would love to see it, upload it to our gallery and share it with other budding artists. Plus, if you send us an artwork inspired by our issue by September 30th you will have a chance to win a jewelry-making kit (nu purchase/subscription necessary).


Want to receive a magazine like this every month? Consider subscribing. For $15 you will get 12 issues of the magazine–that is over 40 art projects and 40 activities for you and your kids. Your kids will discover several unique modern artists from Synthia Saint James (designer of the first Kwanzaa stamp) to Kseniya Simonova (sand artist and a winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent). They will learn about the famous artists: Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Harper, Hundertwasser, Oldenburg and more. They will paint, draw and sculpt. They will learn about architecture, theory of colors, and printing techniques. Each month it will be one art adventure after another. They will sharpen their skills, explore and push their creativity and have a chance to win an art prize for their creations.

Want to bring arTree magazine to your school?

We can work with your PTA to offer the magazine to all students at your school. We strive to make the price low and we can work with your school and help with their fundraising needs. Contact us at to learn more.

Creativity in a Digital World

Kids always want more screen time: games or movies – it does not really matter what it is. All the computers, portable games, tablets and smartphones make it easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you are five.

My son came up with a solution:

photo 3 photo 4

Because he screen time was over, he decided to create his own computer: a little notebook with a mouse, keyboard and a zombie vs. plant game… one, that he will never have to turn off. He designed it himself, along with the mouse and the handles. He spent a lot of time deciding what features the computer needs, what buttons are necessary, what part of the game he wants and which ones he can skip, how many keys he needs for the alphabet (he did not count them, he was saying his alphabet as he was drawing the keys – which I think is a great way of keeping track and I’d recommend it to everyone).

Once he was done, he was proudly taking his notebook everywhere, explaining how it works and what it does. And the best part? It never runs out of batteries.

PS: Of course his little sister needed one too – so I was able to create a notebook as well! 🙂

photo 1 photo 2

Medieval Castle & Feathers


My kids (as probably any other preschoolers) love going to the farm and picking up feathers. We have quite a collection at home. We have already made headbands and collages out of them. Now it was time to try drawing with them.


And what other thing to draw than a Medieval castle? I showed them pictures of a lot of castles and family crests and talked to them about the way feathers used to be used instead of pencils. Then we got ink out (in small containers with a lid in which I made a small hole for the feather) – and I am proud to say there we NO spills! Then they each chose their favorite feather and I cut its tip (45 degrees).

They folded a paper and drew half of the castle. Then cut it out, opened it and learned about symmetry.

We glued those castles onto black paper and started decorated it with the feathers and ink. The loved it! And my son even added a dragon – he insisted that every castle needs one. I agree.