Blooming CDs


Do you have a pile of used CDs that are completely useless? Great!

Take them aside and paint over the shiny part of the CDs with black paint. Once it is dry (allow a couple of hours so that it is completely dry otherwise it will not work well), use sticks to scratch out beautiful flowers. The great thing is, the colors will look wonderful in the sun and it is SO easy even a 2-year-old will love to do this.

Then cut out several circles out of construction paper. Cut holes in the middle and attach them with a split pin. If you make more flowers, you can use the split pin to attach them all to a big piece of paper along with other flowers… maybe onto different colored construction paper – Kandinsky-circle style.

This is a fun rainy-afternoon project as well as a fun O’Keefe activity for preschoolers. It teaches about recycling, positive and negative space… and if you work as a group, it teaches about collaboration.


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