Easter Eggs-travaganza, day1: Egg in Black


It’s just 10 days until Easter. That said, let me kick-off the Easter Eggs-travaganza 2013! Every day from today until Easter, I’ll post egg decorating ideas and techniques you can try – from real eggs to paper ones, from watercolors to wax. Stay tuned and eggsiting enjoy the ride (I promise I’ll stop with the puns).

Today is a simple black and white art – you just need paper and a sharpie. Let your child divide the egg into couple of parts and fill each of them with a pattern. Show them different patterns beforehand – lines, dots, swirls, spirals, etc.

When they done, you can cut it out and glue it onto a black/dark colored piece of paper to help it really stand out.

(These were created by 5 and 2 year olds)


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