Staff Pick on Kickstarter


I would like to thank first backers of the arTree magazine. It is wonderful to see that there are people out there who find the project interesting as much as I do. Thank you!

I would also like to thank Kickstarter folks for featuring the project as a staff pick, only couple of hours after it has launched. It gives me hope for a happy ending 🙂 Thank you all!

We have launched on Kickstarter


The day is finally here – arTree campaign has officially launched on Kickstarter. Please, check it out. Watch the video to learn more about the project, message arTree on Facebook to get a sample project (about line and shapes), visit our website for the whole experience… and if you like what you see, please, help us make it happen and share it with your friends. Your help, support, and comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you, guys!

Pop Heart



There is another artist who would be a great match for the Valentine-day’s candy: Andy Warhol. What if he decided to paint the Sweethearts box instead of the can of soup? Try it, or click here to download the .pdf you can print out and color. Just fill in the hearts with messages, experiment with different colors (for the boxes and for the backgrounds), have fun.