What is Art?


What is ART? Nobody can seem to agree on a simple definition… but even when we disregard that, what is art (and creativity) for you? Is it a way of expressing yourself – your ideas, your dreams, and your frustrations? Is it a form of relaxation? Or is it something completely foreign to you? And what about your kids?

Art is everywhere around us – whether we realize it or not. And I believe that the one of the most important things we can do, as parents – is to let our kids see it. We tend to ignore the things that surround us and rush through life… our kids don’t. They are the ones who notice a balloon on the restaurant ceiling, a sleepy cat in our neighbor’s window and a find lost coins in tall grass. If we can find a way to help them stay that curious as long as possible, we open their eyes to so many things, including art… don’t you think?

PS: If you want to see what art is for others, I put together a little “art quotes”  board on Pinterest. Take a look.


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