What’s your Line?


So, what is a line anyway? We all know it but it can easier to show that to explain. According to a definition, it is a basic element of art. It is a simple, continuous mark on a paper. It helps us create shapes and more complicated pictures. It makes letters, numbers, and a lot of other things.

Lines can also be a lot of fun, especially if you use them in a Dada (child-like and playful)-kind of a way:


Get some yarn and black paint. Dip the string in the paint (but be careful to leave a small piece out to hold onto – you don’t want it to get too messy). Then take it out and slowly drop it on a paper.

Put another paper on top and press down – this will make you two symmetrical pictures (and it will make sure you pressed hard enough and stayed clean). After that, just remove the paper and drop another string, and another… until you are happy with the way the picture looks.


Now you can use markers to color the shapes you created. Choose different colors and different areas to color – isn’t it amazing how much it can change the picture?

If you want to explore more fun projects based on lines, check out our Pinterest page dedicated to them.


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