Dance with me, my Valentine!


Getting ready for Valentine’s Day? In the following weeks, I’ll introduce some really simple-to- do art-inspired projects… today it is “Dancer” card for your Valentine (inspired by Henri Matisse). Enjoy.

You need: black, blue and yellow paper, card (or card stock paper of any color), scissors, glue and 10 minutes of your kid’s time.

1. First let your child draw:

  • a person in a funny pose (on the black paper)
  • a little heart (on the red one)
  • name of the recipient / hearts / organic shapes (on the yellow one)

2. Cut it all out and glue it onto the blue paper and onto the card.

And if you want to learn more about Matisse and his collages, wait for the first issue of ArTree… the Kickstarter campaign is going to be launched in 1-2 weeks. Or click here in the meantime (it is the Pinterest page that features all the artists covered in the first issue)…


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