Who and How behind ArTree

Seurat (rainbow)

Who created ArTree?

I am an art director with background in child education and psychology. I love art and ever since my kids were born, I was trying to teach them how to appreciate it and, of course, how to create it. I created hundreds of projects and lesson plans and decided that this may be a good way to share it everybody who would find them interesting.

How does it work?

There are no good or bad ways to do art, in my book. I believe that art is a form of expression of ourselves, not just mere copying of others. I do not strive to teach kids to paint the same way Picasso did… I merely use the artists and projects to spark their curiosity and creativity. I introduce the artists to talk about concepts, techniques and then show numerous variations to strengthen it. I want kids to be confident in their skills and have fun in the process.


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